Robin is pleased to announce that he is embarking into a new area of Motivational Speaking and Corporate Team Building.

Here’s Robin talking about his Motivational Speaking and his other new venture Team Building

‘You would probably know me from Strictly Come Dancing as the cheeky, happy fun loving Pro Dancer with all the glitz, glamour and sparkles you’d expect of Strictly.

After leaving Strictly along with other issues I had in my life at the time, I fell into a dark depression, it’s taken me a few years to be able to talk about this publicly. Through my experiences I’ve developed a Motivational Speaking Program, which I’m using within the Corporate setting to businesses, along with Corporate Team Building Services, both of these transfer to the Private Sector as well.

I am able to offer Corporate Motivational Speaking & Corporate Team Building as new services, you can contact me via my Contact page on my website, for more information and to book your companies program etc.

I am able to offer a Bespoke plans for your companies needs.’

Robins Corporate Team Building

Robin Windsor has delighted audiences across a career spanning almost 20 years. But strictly speaking the journey from Ipswich to Saturday Night Prime Time BBC show wasn’t without its trips and mis-steps.

He found success and fame first in Burn the Floor, then Broadway, and as we all know eventually Strictly!  But in an industry not known for its macho culture, it was still unheard of for artists to be open about their mental health issues.

We all have bad days – a combination of relationship problems, health concerns and financial mismanagement were the root of his – but increasingly those bad days became dark and Robin found himself living a life he increasingly didn’t recognise – fame, success, social admiration and yet once the curtain came down, or the credits rolled – isolated, depressed and insecure.

He credits the support of friends and the charity Sane with his recovery. And of course, his greatest love of all – dance.

In his own inimitable style Robin talks candidly about his journey, and the celebrities he has wowed us all with on the dance floor – while opening up about his struggles with the mental health issues that still have such a stigma attached to them. And how he found his way back emotionally and mentally to the spotlight and out of the dark days.

When it comes to team building one size certainly does not fit all.

Robin’s team building experiences are structured to promote teamwork. Quick step out of your comfort zones, open team communication and promote improved performance. All of this in a fun and relaxed environment.

The workshops are fantastic for managing change, whether you are refreshing your company message, or just stepping out of the office for a day of fun and reflection. Whatever you choose Robin will get your whole team working together, solving problems, bonding, buzzing and laughing…they’re strictly fab-u-lous

Head over to my Contact page to enquire about any of my bespoke services.

  • Corporate Team Building
  • Corporate Motivational Speaking
  • Wedding Dances
  • Adjudicating
  • Demonstrations  and Shows
  • Private Functions
  • Charity Events
  • Choreography (TV Projects/Shows/Films)
  • Personal Appearances / MC Services



LATEST NEWS 2021 & 2022

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Robin is currently in Panto at the Worthing Theatre as Gaston, for their Beauty and the Beast production. Running from Fri 26 Nov 2021 – Sun 2 Jan 2022

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